5 Advices You Should Never Follow in Cougar Dating

find a cougarLet’s admit. Whenever one registers on cougar dating websites, he/she get endless advice from the near and dear ones. More mouths, more advice. And many times, contrasting as well. In the midst of so many bits of advice and tips put into your head, it is quite possible that might be confused what to implement and what not. If so, get delighted as I’m here today to tell you what advice you should NEVER follow while dating a cougar or trying to find a cougar. Therefore, are you ready to learn from an expert? Keep reading…

5 Advices to Overlook to Find a Cougar

1. Be Active and Frank

Many ezines suggest younger guys to focus on their online presence and show their frank nature on cougar dating sites. However, this is not the right practice. The Cougars are educated, older, independent, and beautiful. They won’t feel flattered with immature commenting on their profiles and other such activities. Rather, they would feel pissed and never turn towards you.

2. Act like a Predator

While many might consider it as a medium of sex, cougar dating is more than that. If you ever made her feel like you are waiting for her to get dipsy so that you could take advantage of her, beware. She has more experience than your age. Chances are that you might be waiting outside the restroom, while she takes an exit to never meet you again.

3. Try to Control Her

Many guys think that women like to be controlled. Alas, it’s not so. The Cougars who register on cougar dating websites are basically those who are fed up with the daily tantrums at home and want some air of freedom. If you also try to restrict her freedom, she would definitely replace you with another.

4. Brag about Your Life Knowledge

Never ever try to appear wise and give advice you found in some ‘how-to’ books. She has massive experience while dealing with life and need no young cub to tell her what to do in her life. Therefore, it’s better to be genuine, normal and seek her advice in all the matters.

5. Sex advice

Last but not the least, never experiment while be in the bed. Your high school friends might give you impressive tips to enjoy your time once you find a cougar. However, it’s the lady who you should turn towards to ensure she’s actually enjoying it. You need to listen to her, understand her response and work upon building a better relationship.

Now as you know the advice you should never accept and implement on the lady found on cougar dating websites, bear it in mind throughout. Never get moved by any of this advice and ruin your relationship with your sexy, older lady.

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