Best Places to Find a Cougar, Besides Free Cougar Dating Sites

Free Cougar Dating SitesLet’s admit. Whenever we think of cougar dating, we jump from our bed, open our laptop/mobile and start looking into free cougar dating sites. Though successful, these are not the only places to hunt for a cougar.

If you are someone that wants to make your search go beyond the premises of Internet, this article is apt for you. Here, we are going to share the 5 best places to find and interact with a beautiful, rich cougar. So, are you ready?

Let’s unveil this list together.

Retail Stores

Cougars, like every woman on this planet, love shopping. Therefore, the very first place to start your hunt from is – Retail stores. Just go into any retail store, start looking for outfits (and beautiful women as well), and ask them for a suggestion. For example, you want a pair of jeans but are confused with which color will go with your personality. Just ask a woman standing next to you for a help. This way, strike a conversation and lead it to a date (that’s your talent).

Art Galleries

If you complain that you haven’t found any intelligent women at free cougar dating sites, this place is apt for you. Since the place remains often under-attended, you won’t have to put more efforts into screening the audience and look for your right girl. Besides, the best part is that no one is going to judge you there. Everyone has a different perspective to art. Therefore, even if you say something silly, everyone will admire you.

Besides, you can ask a cougar about her thoughts on a piece of art and start a conversation.

Office Parties

By office parties, I don’t mean your office parties. I know that interoffice romantic entanglements are such a mess. Therefore, I advice going into others’ office parties and show your move. Ask a friend or roommate and join their office party. Act cool and talk about topics women love to hear about. Since colleagues often discuss work at office parties, you will get an advantage over them by discussing something far interesting.

Yoga Classes

Cougar women give a special care to their fitness and health. However, they often hesitate to hit on at a gym. Rather, they prefer joining yoga classes where they can easily enjoy flexibility in their body and calmness in their head.

Therefore, if you get the chance to get into a yoga class, act immediately – even if you are the only guy over there. Look for the best looking woman, gain some courage, and ask her out.

Your Apartment Building

Surprisingly, your apartment building can also be the best source for enjoying local cougar dating. You might come across various single mothers or divorce who are open for a relationship. So, don’t waste time to look around yourself.

Found this list interesting? Want to try it? If not, getting back to free cougar dating sites is apt for you.

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