Cougar Online Dating: 4 Types of Profile Pictures You Should Avoid

cougar online datingExcited to enter the world of cougar online dating? Want to find the best guy on the platform, in the first stroke itself? Well, as the cougar dating is becoming a norm these days, it is quite usual for the older women to look for younger, handsome guys and vice versa. It is evident to find older cougars entering into an arrangement with younger guys to relive their youth, get into a ‘no strings attached’ relationship, enjoy the energy of younger men, and dominate in the relationship.

However, not all are able to leverage the benefits of this opportunity. Not all the older women are able to attract the right guys. And the reason behind is silly mistakes while uploading their profile picture on the best cougar sites and apps.

If you are also planning to register on cougar dating platform, take a minute to go through these mistakes to avoid and make a better impression (if already registered, update your profile picture via avoiding the aforementioned tips):

1. Don’t upload a childish selfie

Childish selfie is something that we relate to younger women. If you upload a childish selfie, it will give the impression that you are trying to fake your age on cougar online dating platform. This will make the younger guys skeptical about your behavior and they would avoid interacting with you.

2. Don’t post a profile picture with dark background

Dark backgrounds often ruin your picture by making it dull. While, light backgrounds add value to your picture by making it more bright, engaging, and lively. So prefer light backgrounds over dark backgrounds so that you become the cornerstone of the picture.

3. Don’t upload a picture of your face only

Uploading a picture of your face is yet another common mistake found on the cougar sites and apps. A face might not define your personality and appearance correctly and thus, might fail to attract younger babies. Therefore, it is advisable to post a picture of your whole body.

4. Don’t Include Friends in Your Pictures

Though you want to show that you are social, uploading a group picture as your profile picture is not a good idea. It not only creates confusion in the minds of the guys, but also gives the feel that you are not confident enough to pose alone. Since guys fall for confident, rich cougars, this might be a negative point and prevent the men from choosing you as their cougar dating partner.

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