What Hot Cougars Expect from their Dating Partner?

hot cougarsWhen talking about hot cougars, everyone thinks of only one thing. You know what I mean, right? However, it is not their only expectation from a relationship. Every woman has travelled different journey, experienced different circumstances and so, have different expectations from her dating partner.

Wondering how to find what they want? How to be their right man? Well, from our experience in the world of dating and relationship, some of the most common qualities a cougar want in her cub are:

Focus on Your Looks

Cougars wish to be with a cub in the right shape and hygiene. She strives to find a person with a clean and healthy body, proper haircut, and nice clothes. No woman is ready to stick to a stingy, awful looking guy.

Be mature and Classy

Hot and sexy cougars are not a newbie. They have hooked up with many immature and Casanova kind of guys in their teen years. At this point, they want to date some serious, mature and classy guys. Therefore, act mature and classy. But, don’t try to behave like adults. The older women hate this and will soon end up the relationship.

Available as per Her Schedule

Right from the beginning of the relationship; make it certain that you meet as per her schedule – not yours. Most of the ladies who register on different cougar dating sites are a single mother, divorcee or married. Chances are that they are quite occupied for the whole day, and wish to have you on their side when they are free. Therefore, keep yourself free as per her schedule or she would ditch you in no time.

Good Sex

Now coming back to the main reason why people register on cougar dating sites – Sex. Unlike younger ladies, older and sexy cougars have a lot experience in the bedroom. They might have done this every night, but not pleased sexually and so, turn to a cub for the same. If you fail to give her the pleasure she expected, she won’t turn towards you ever again. While if you succeed in it, she would give you even more in return. Therefore, if you are inexperienced sexually or nervous about the same, don’t show. Watch porn, practice with some cougars and come up with your unique way to please your lady.

Though it is not easy to satisfy hot cougars so easily, the aforementioned tips might help you to find out what they actually want and thus, work in the same direction. Therefore, keep reading our blogs, adopt these traits and rule the heart of your dating partner.

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