Never Commit These 4 Mistakes While Cougar Dating

cougar datingYou met a lady on a cougar site. The attraction between you two was blossoming and you were ready to take the next big step in your relationship. You were all set to rock your world but, wait…

She broke up with you!

She rejected you in the mid of this intense relationship and you are standing alone, wondering what happened!

Most of the cubs experience this situation while cougar dating. They begin the relationship with mere attraction, flourish it with flirting, but before it reaches the top of cougar’s nerves, they make some silly mistakes that turn the cougars off. So, instead of giving you another reason to mourn, here we are sharing a few stupid mistakes that you need to avoid for keeping the cougar by your side and enjoying paradise on Earth:

1. Talking about Age? Please No!

No matter what hits your mind, never ever ask her age or even mention her age in front of anyone. Doing so means losing her.

Women are emotional about their age. It might be just a number for you, but it means more to them. For them, it’s a way you make her feel. So, never brag about your age or let her feel that she’s older than you.

2. Trying to be Older than You Are

While cougar dating, keep in mind that she has more experience than your age. Don’t try to veil your identity and act like an older man. You won’t be able to do that perfectly. So, it’s far much better to be you. If she really likes you, she would be with you no matter how younger you are.

3. Discussing Money

This is one of the mistakes young guys when they connect with rich old women on cougar sites. Even if she has million dollars in her bank account, avoid mentioning about money at all costs. This will make her feel that you want her just for money and hurt her badly. So, even if it’s true, treat her like you really love her. Don’t ask for money. Rather, take her out and pay yourself as often as possible.

4. Let Insecurities Come in Between

You are younger than her. But, this doesn’t mean you can act immature in front of her. You should not ask her if she wants you for your youth or has a genuine interest in you (even if this thought remains at the back of your mind throughout).
Be confident, accept her with an open mind and let her show what she feels for you through her actions. Spend time with her and make her feel special, instead of letting your mind occupied with such insecurities.

Cougar dating can be the best experience you ever have in your life after all your partner will be the perfect blend of beauty and brain (and money too!). You might not find all these qualities in a woman of your age altogether. So, if you are seeing a cougar, avoid committing above-mentioned mistakes and make the best out of this opportunity.

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