The Perfect Guide to How to date a Cougar {6 Exclusive Points}

how to date a cougarWhenever it comes to how to date a cougar, every person has his own notions. While some suggest hitting in a gym, others emphasize sharpening your communication skills. Well, if you are someone who feels trapped in the middle of these pieces of advice, here’s a ray of hope for you. In this guide, we will help you with the best 8 checklists to consider dating a hot cougar like a PRO:

1. Know what a cougar looks in her cub

Though every girl has her own list of qualities she expects in her partner, there are a few things that every cougar looks for in her younger partner. As we shared in our earlier post ‘What Hot Cougars Expect from their Dating Partner?‘ the cougars prefer dating mature and classy guys. Therefore, prepare yourself accordingly and leverage the benefits of becoming their first choice.

2. Discover where to find a cougar

I understand it’s pretty tough when it comes to meeting a cougar. You try to find one in the restaurant at the corner of the street, at a club party, in a park, and much more. While there are many such options, I recommend registering on cougar dating sites and dive into the pool of hundreds of potential cougars.

3. Make a Perfect Dating Profile

Learn all that makes your profile get above the others on the list. Add interesting yet true facts about you. Also, focus more on choosing the right profile picture. Keeping these pointers into consideration will maximize the replies from the cougar ladies.

4. Writing a Killer Message

It is one of the most important factors when it comes to how to date a cougar. You might have stolen the hearts of girls of your age with your cheesy lines. But guys – these won’t work on cougars. They are mature enough to fall for you with fake compliments. Therefore, work hard. Learn more about the cougar lady and build a customized message to improve the chances of a response.

5. Have a Command over Your words and actions

Guys often commit various mistakes that turn off the cougar like talking about age and money. Avoid such words and actions. Have a better control over your words and actions. Otherwise, all your efforts will go in vain.

6. Understand Her

The next step on how to date a cougar is to understand her – beyond what her profile says. Don’t remain limited to physical relationships, though most of the people enter in the cougar dating for the same. Rather, strive to know her inside out. Spend time in understanding her likes, dislikes, ambitions, and shortcomings. Notice what kind of words or phrases brings a widening smile on her face, and tell her more often.

Compliment her more often and make her feel that you are genuinely interested in her. This will make her fall for you – for sure.

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