7 Types of Profile Pictures Make You Get No Attention in Toyboy Dating

toyboy datingAge is just a number

We have all heard this for our entire lives. But the moment you begin using the online toyboy dating sites. Here, you will actually see that age is just a number. Because people on dating websites does not really care about age and prefer to date with a person who shares their common interest and hobbies etc.

Recent studies has already proven that the ratio of older women dating younger men is increasing where on the other hand there is not much difference in the percentage of young women dating the older guys. The reason behind dating a person who is older than you will give you more space while you can do more than just date.

On the other hand, if your partner is younger, then you can enjoy new activities with them. That is the reason why older women dating younger men from toyboy dating sites and young men are now preferring older women for a date because they are more sober, experienced and chances of breakups are very low as compare to date with the same age of the person.

The concept of a cougar is not new but the internet has taken this to a whole new level through cougar dating sites. For an older woman, finding younger men on toyboy dating sites for dating is not difficult at all with the help of cougar dating sites. All you need to register yourself on cougar dating sites and start finding younger men for date who share the same interests like you and interested to date with you.

Obviously, it sounds very easy but not all older women find younger men for a date on toyboy dating sites. One of the reasons due to which older women get no attention is the bad choice of a profile picture that they use. Remember that on online dating website, a person clicks on your profile and reads the rest of the profile if you look attractive in your profile picture.

A profile picture that has nothing special loses any change that it has to get attention. Especially on toyboy dating sites; if you are not good at selecting a perfect picture, you will never get attention from younger men.

There are 7 types of profile pictures that have been considered as bad choices for a cougar

So if your profile picture has one of these elements, then consider to replace it with the new one:

1. Don’t take a selfie and use it as your profile picture as this is done by younger girls.
2. Exclude your friends from your profile picture to make yourself more prominent.
3. Don’t post a picture with a dark background as it will ruin your look and complexion.
4. Don’t just post a picture of your face but your whole body if possible.
5. If you are serious in your profile picture on the toyboy dating site then you will not get attention.
6. A profile picture that does not reflect your personality is a bad choice for the dating site.
7. If you don’t look flirty in your profile photo, what exactly you are doing here?

Use these tips and ensure that you have the right profile picture up on your profile. And with this, you will begin to get many proposals from many young men.

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