5 Secrets You Never Knew About Cougars Life

cougars lifeDating a cougar is not that different from dating a girl your age. People are just misunderstanding the relationship. Just to clarify, a cougar is a woman who is confident, self-sufficient, and young-spirited. And these women like young men more than they like their own aged men. And there is nothing wrong with it. So if you are about to enter the cougars life, you need to know all about the cougars.

Here are seven secrets about cougar women that you should know about:

1. Cougars are Proud of their Appearance

Cougars love themselves a lot and that is why they are out in the world and open for relationships with men who want to begin dating a cougar. In fact, cougars exercise every day. They have a lot of energy and dress up in sexy outfits. Cougars love how they look and they do not need any negative energy around them. When a cougar enters a room, the entire room notices her. So do not mistake a cougar with any other same-aged women who are not interested in young men.

2. Cougars Ooze Self-Esteem and Have Confidence

As a matter of fact, a cougar is a lady who is highly confident and has high social intelligence. They know how to communicate about their needs. In fact, if a woman is entering the cougar life, it doesn’t mean that she is afraid of being alone. A cougar is not dependent on any man. As a matter of fact, they can take care of themselves and even entertain themselves without anyone’s help. Therefore, if you are about to dating a cougar, you should know that they are not looking for a husband or a person who will control them. They just want to have some emotional and physical support.

3. Cougars are financially self-sufficient

This is an obvious point. They already have enough money and can take care of themselves. They have achieved greatness in their life and just want to enjoy now. So do not mistake that they will ask you to spend a lot of money on them. They usually spend on themselves and you.

4. Cougars enjoy time in the bedroom

Yes, they love their time in the bedroom and due to their confidence, they ensure that the guy knows all about their sexual preferences and needs.

5. Cougars can have viable relationships with younger men

Even though some cougars start of relationships as ‘friends with benefits,’ things can change. It can grow into something deeper and meaningful. And even though issues come up in the relationship if the needs aren’t the same, it can be solved. After all, every relationship has issues. You just to give your best if you are dating a cougar.

Wrap Up

If a woman is into the cougars life, then she is obviously a person who is independent and confident. Therefore, you need to keep this mind before you begin dating a cougar and expect them to be emotionally weak individuals. They just want love and fun in their life. If you can offer that to them, then it’s great, or you are in the wrong place.

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