Tips to Build a Smoother Relationship with Local Cougars

local cougarsLet’s face it – Dating a cougar can be tricky, if not a pain. You have to be more careful when looking out for local cougars or spending time with them and making moments compared to that in the case of a college going girl. So are you ready for it?

Relax! With the following proven tips, you will easily get into the Cougar dating world and rule the heart of your older lady:

1. Be Expressive

It’s kind of sweet to be shy – not able to express what you want to say. But many times, cougars take it as a sign of confusion or unawareness of what you are seeking for or what their aim is. So don’t hold upon your feelings. Wear your confidence and express yourself to the lady on best cougar websites. Trust me, nothing is as sexier than a man with confidence.

2. Don’t Label Her

Even in your worst nightmare, do not label her as cougar or use any such word. She might get hurt for being portrayed in a negative image or judge you, which will turn off her mood and make you lose a golden opportunity.

3. Consider Age as Just a Number

Well, this is so evident that no woman, those on best cougar websites as well as those working with you in offices, would love to discuss her age or being pointed about the same. So ensure that you do not mention age ever in front of her.

If you accept her the way she is, she will be comfortable to give you all she has. However, on the flip side, she would end up the arrangement with you – making you look for more local cougars around.

4. Give Her Space

It’s true that women love to be surrounded by her loved ones and being pampered all the time. However, once they enter their 40s, they get more comfortable with being alone. Therefore, if the cougar you are dating falls into this age span, give her enough ‘Me’ time. Let her spend her time the way she wants. But again, do not make her feel too alone that she gets over you. Keep teasing her, loving her regularly and make her chase for you.

5. Be Patient

Though many believe that sex is the only thing local cougars want, there’s much more to it. Alike other creatures, she too expect to be understood and supported both inside and out. Therefore, spend quality time with her, try to know more about her, and have patience enough to make her comfortable with you – both emotionally and physically.

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