Tips to Date a Cougar

date a cougarDating has always been one of the most amazing experiences in a man’s life. However, how well can a man state that he has had enough dating experience if he has not dated a cougar? Younger men dating cougars is not that different from younger men dating younger women. There are some aspects of cougar dating that makes the whole event special. Such aspects include the techniques involved in the dating process. Below are various tips on how to date a cougar.

Look out for a perfect match

You need to set your eyes on a perfect match. Make sure that the older woman you are engaging suits your criteria, especially if you are searching for a date online. Details such as height, body shape, hair type, and clothing should guide you on settling for an ideal cougar. This will guarantee your satisfaction from the very first date.

Know her likes and dislikes

Dating a cougar is usually convenient mostly for men. This is so since older women do have money, and they are willing to spend it with the right person. Therefore, it is up to the man to determine the woman’s likes and dislikes in time. You must know what kind of clothing she likes seeing you with; what kind of words or phrases makes her happy; what kind of places she prefers to visit most; and so on. You can know all these from your first date. From the likes and dislikes, you will be able to handle yourself appropriately whenever you are with her.

Treat her with the utmost care

Cougars are highly sensitive in most occasions, due to the age factor. Hence, a younger man should strive to make a cougar feel younger. You can achieve this by involving her in youth activities, including hiking, swimming, and clubbing. Make sure that you never give her a reason to be jealous; she might feel as if you are intentionally sidelining her by involving yourself with a younger woman. In case of misunderstandings, do not refer to her as an older woman or compare her in any way with a younger woman. Some cougars may turn out to be the angry and jealous type. Therefore, you should avoid anything that will make her angry and/or jealous if you are after a long and intimate relationship. Always compliment her, especially if you are in open places, such as parties, clubs, and shopping malls. At all times let her control sex moves during sex; this will improve on her satisfaction. Ultimately, never deny her the sex intensity she desires. Hope these tips on how to date a cougar are useful.

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